New art video coming so soon……. Photo © 2013 limonadeart

New art video coming so soon……. Photo © 2013 limonadeart

Whilst premiering ‘Malojá’, the Cerisier gallery presented a retrospective of ML’s audiovisual works in November 2010 in Paris.’Exhibition in Paris soundtrack’ is the film which was screened during the vernissage evening’s break in November 5th, 2010. The soundtrack mix is based on original sounds composed by Omewenne (Lenore Skadi Feyleaves) and Amodali for Claire Obscure and by Steven Severin for Malojá.

Mix and texts by ML
Flashes taken from seconds of Diatomée, Claire Obscure Made Li Monade corps-métrages).
Thanks to Steven SeverinAmodali ZainOmewenne
©2010 Limonadeart, Paris.

ICELAND 2013. 27Sept/2Oct. Recognition of places. I started to shoot the subject/materials of my next short film project in collaboration with Neil Carlill.  

Around HNN at T.A.G. in Brussels (Sept 2012)

©2012 limonadeart, Paris

HNN / MUTE (official complete version) by ML from Mademoiselle L on Vimeo.

Hsilgne Nekorb Ni / MUTE VISUALS BY ML
Screened on HNN performance at TAG in Brussels
Director, editor: ML
Cameras: ML & Anton

DURATION: 0:00:42:08.80

For sound go to:

© 2012 Natalie Saccu de Franchi, Paris.


VIRTUART GALLERY presents / For its 13th edition Culture-Virtuelle is inviting you to celebrate its new theme: THE FOREST / 
SLOWED I by ML and Pieter Nooten. 

Un dérapage / A loss of control

Director, editor: ML
Sound: ML
Camera: ML / Camera assistant: Anton

© 2011 limonadeart, Paris

MALOJÁ / Film scored by Steven Severin (original soundtrack).
A collaboration between Mademoiselle L. and Steven Severin.
To watch and more infos here:
©2010 limonadeart, Paris.

Official music video of the track ‘Slowed’ from the new album ‘Haven’ by Pieter Nooten. 
Director, editor: ML
Track: ‘Slowed’ by Pieter Nooten 
Camera: ML
Pieter Nooten:

The video was hosted at FIFI Gallery NYC-Miami-Mexico City.
Premiere in January 23, 2013 at FIFI Gallery in Mexico City.

"The musical work of Pieter Nooten traces back to his beginnings in the pioneering and innovative band Clan of Xymox (4AD records) and has continued throughout the years both in solo and collaborative work with artists like Michael Brook and Brian Eno."

Also on youtube now:

© 2012 Pieter Nooten / limonadeart, Paris.